HashBox - A Life changing experience...

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#box (HASH-box) is a small device that enables you to turn a house, an office, a factory, an airplane or whatever you imagine into a smart one! You can place #box in your living room, your meeting room, work room or even in the cockpit!

In other words, #box is a device with which you can automate, monitor and control anything on this planet, either locally or remote. All you need is a smart-phone, tablet or a computer.

That’s it!

Current IoT solutions do not provide a non-technical way for seamless management of all legacy and smart devices, available.

Turn legacy devices into smart ones, make your smart appliances smarter, automate tasks and extend functionality with apps!

- transforms any traditional (classic/non-smart) device or appliance in the market, - - - into a smart one
- provides its own smart devices (#devices) for fine grade control and monitoring
- enables local and remote management (over the cloud)
- has strong integrated security & protects your data and identity
- extends functionality of your environment through apps


HashBox architecture:

HashBox Architecture