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The best way to broadcastyour audience tweets

TweetBlender helps you to optimize your show for more audience engagement.
It increases social interactions during TV shows, events and conferences.

TweetBlender is the simplest way to use your audience tweets in live productions. Its goal is to make it as simple as possible in order to create broadcast quality media without spending much on infrastructure. Furthermore, the solution helps you to boost and increase social interactions during your events and conferences, by displaying tweets on a screen.


Lightweight engine

TweetBlender requirements, make the most efficient and affordable way, to produce tweet visualization, of any account or hashtag.

Easy to customize

TweetBlender provides properties for customization, such, font selection, font size, automatic text wrap, text color, position on x-y axis, etc.

Design integration

Once the template scene is complete, the tweet integration can easily be made by the blender engine. Fully automated and playout ready.

TweetBlender Screen