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We Love Making Games

So here they are ...

MindJam! The Knowledge Guru

MindJam logoChallenge your friends in a MindJam knowledge quiz game.

Become a knowledge guru by answering thousands of quiz questions in Science, Geography, History, Sports, Cinema and other categories. Compete and challenge other players online globally in Questions with images, Four different question types and three challenging game modes. Join the MindJam game community and challenge your friends in an online or local game.

An absolutely entertaining quiz game for genius players who like to compete, test and quest their skills in an online or local MindJam match.

PoopAttack! Game

PoopAttack! logo

Poop Attack! is a very funny Arcade game with cartoonized graphics, enhanced animations and sound effects. The Poop Attack! game is available for iOS Devices and you can find it available on the Apple App Store.

Chuck is a mischievous little boy, who is very irritated because wherever he goes the birds poop him. For this reason Chuck hunts them and tries to get rid of them with every possible way. To achieve this he uses his toys as weapons. Toys like slingshots, remote controlled vehicles, vacuum cleaners e.t.c.

A small brief about our work...

JoyFoundry is an independent game and software development company, located in Athens, Greece. We offer to our customers a comprehensive range of services, from tailor made video games to integrated mobile software applications. We are dedicated to bring to the market innovative services, quality software and excellent support, all at a reasonable cost.

We collaborate with local companies such as QnR, Globo, Geoset in various joint projects and products, sharing not only manpower and skills but also common values such as passion for innovation. We are also a member of the Gi-Cluster, a group of companies with a focus on Gaming and Creative Technologies & Applications.

Through these business collaborations and strategic alliances our company is steadily being established as a credible and valuable partner, while at the same time we are building our brand and our portfolio of in house video games and applications.

What we love to do

Mobile Apps & Games

JoyFoundry is a mobile app development company that focuses on optimizing the user experience through elegant designs & intuitive functionality. Our expert app designers ensure that users can accomplish their goals quickly and comfortably, inviting them to return to the app again & again.

web design

Web Design & Development

Our custom website design experts use multiple programming frameworks & CMS systems to create dynamic websites brimming with functionalities. We can use ready-made frameworks like Joomla, Wordpress, and Magento etc. or create codes from scratch.

Social Networking Websites: Our Web Designers have built Social Networking sites as well as custom Facebook Fan Page Designs, Twitter Background design, LinkedIn design, and YouTube background designs.

HTML 5 & CSS animations: We can create eye-popping animations. We also provide high quality programming services in AJAX, jQuery, JS & Action scripting for the best in custom website design.

Custom Web Designing: Our custom website design services include vibrant UIs with ultra-modern functionalities including keyword insertion, content design, Search Engine Optimization, full Social Media integration and much more.

Customer Software Services

With years of experience under our belt we understand that your Custom Software needs to be delivered rapidly, affordably and without the headache. Our custom software development teams follow this mandate thoroughly and have created painless, effective software solutions time and again.

JoyFoundry builds Custom Software Applications, databases & web apps for a diverse array of businesses. Share your requirements confidentially with us under an NDA, and we will figure out the best technology for the project. We'll collaborate with you extensively to build stable custom software that will scale as your business grows.

Steps to Creating the Right Custom Software

  1. Business Process Review & Analysis
  2. Software Requirement Analysis(Use case and software flow chart)
  3. Architect Design Approval
  4. Mock-Up and Concept/System Flow Designs
  5. Software Development and Unit Testing
  6. Quality Assurance Testing and User Acceptance Testing

It is important that after you sit with your software strategist initially you hold a tight feature-by-feature budget and an over all budget for deployment and training. It is also important to determine a budget for maintenance for your custom application. It is highly recommended that you get into a monthly contract with your software developer. It can be a fixed budget for unlimited hours or a discounted rate for a preset bulk hours.



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